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Because Team is a special word for us we want to let you know how we feel about it.  We prefer the word team member before the word employee.  Like the weakest link determines the strength of a chain.  The strength of a team determines the success of a company.  Team creates energy, and a good team creates good energy.  Many people use the term vibe(ration), yet they do not associate this therm with the positive dynamic it can create, and that a good vibe can be consciously created or unconsciously eliminated.  We are aware about the strength and what team spirit can achieve.  For this reason we work with members of our team and this team works for, and with our company. Some of our team members work directly, and some in collaboration for the benefit of our clients. We think mutual in any way.

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Having operated a successful adventure business with my wife Lucille for the last 14 years, We have decided to change our ways. Because we believe we can make a bigger impact in operating and organizing special travel and tours.

I seek to grow on others, with others and let others grow on me.


Manager, Travel, Admin, Tours

Since a very young age I have felt a deep connection with nature and with animals.  I have always strived to make this part of my life in what ever I do.  After I finished school I worked many years at Animal welfare’s until I found my passion for Paragliding and became a tandem pilot and an instructor.  I wanted to share my love of the outdoors and the environment.  I have made a choice to turn inward and to go on a journey of self discovery and self love, to understand a world where all is one, and to see things as they truly are and not the perception of our minds.


Manager, Travel, Admin, Tours, Marketing


I am potential

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Ever since a young age I have been passionate about the fitness world. At first, just doing it for myself by myself… Then I started pursuing a lot of different training styles, sports and outdoor activities. Later on I found myself in a community of like minded people, and it was there that I discovered my ever growing passion, and that is that I love to help people and pass my knowledge on. Unable to ignore this desire to teach I became a Cross Fit  coach and I am on the constant pursuit of different styles of fitness.  I have realized to help people become physically strong I also help them become mentally strong. It is a passion that drives me. Meet Jacques and watch his training video here .


Professional Fitness Caoch, Tours, Activities

The gift of encouragement & the pleasure of seeing the accomplishment has brought me to my place in the sunshine.
To laugh from that good place within and to radiate the joy of living life.
To swim in the ocean and stick your toes in the sand.
These are simple pleasures yet profound.


Tours, Paragliding • Owner of FlyTime Paragliding

Sue Day
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In my own navigation through this life, I went from dreams of being a lawyer defending people, to an archaeologist who wanted to know the history of who we are and eventually settled on studying psychology to help understand ourselves. It is with this passion that I have delved into the inner makings of areas such as energy and manifestation, shamanism, Jungian philosophies, the infinite world of the soul, the subconscious mind, universal laws, the magic of the seen and unseen. This has led me to a rich and boundless journey of self-reflection, self-discovery and growth. I believe in a world where we pluck the fruits from the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge, nourishing our souls with our limitless potential.


Therapist, Healer, Shaman • Owner of Bodhimax

I have always had a deep desire to make a difference in this world. Studying degrees in engineering and computer science and years in a successful corporate career brought me some fulfillment of this inner desire. However, I noticed that while corporate improves the lives and circumstances of people, it did little for the waning flame I saw in their eyes.Through a self-journey of more than 15 years I have come to know that the spark to re-ignite the flame of this infinitely abundant Universe lies inside of me. And the Universe leaves us signs along the way. When I stilled myelf enough, let go of the implications of my lifestory and supported my journey with consistent effort, conscious thought and deliberate actions I found that the signs of the Universe revealed themselves to me.


Therapist, Healer, Shaman • Owner of Bodhimax

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I pursue happiness in life and to find beauty in and around me.  To capture that perfect moment and pass this knowledge on to other.


Professional Photographer, Instructor, Tours