Travel with INTENTION and GROW

Spiritual Workshops within our Tours

Tap into a deeper level of well being with one of our spiritual journeys, honoring the body’s innate wisdom and ability to self heal.  Open up, feel balanced, light and alive..

Traveling has a positive effect on your mental health.  It unwinds your brain and gives you time to relax, this is the perfect time to expand your consciousness and nourish the mind, body and soul.

When you are able to settle into the stillness that is you, your intuition will guide you to find the answers you seek.

The three core pillars

Remember who you are

Using tools in the energy, emotional and physical dimensions we work with you to take you beyond your programmed self and masks back to the original spark of the full potential of who you are. This work is sacred and deep and pushes the boundaries of your consciousness. It challenges those ideologies, beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve you or your greater good.


Once we drop our old clothes, our dulled lenses we re-calibrate, re-energise and re-invigorate so we can live again from the full potential of who we are. In this pillar we work with you on a practical level taking a multi-dimensional approach to balance and reset head, body, heart and spirit. We work with releasing old behaviours, beliefs and patterns and installing new more supportive programming.

Unleash your Mastery

The deep change work of the other two pillars lay down lasting foundations from which you can spring forth and Unleash you Mastery. We support you to dream beyond limits, aspire above all desires and take your life and self into domains that you have never before charted. You are doing this work to reap the ripest juiciest and plumpest fruit. And these are usually right at the top of the climb.

I am love

Our Colaboration with the BodhiMax Team

Bound for Africa works in collaboration with a professional team who strives to engineer consciousness. Deliberately, intentionally and actively seeking to transform that part of consciousness that is in everybody.
With Shamanic philosophies, energetic medicine, hypnotherapy, and other modalities, exploring all facets of human consciousness. A journey of personal growth from general unfocused efforts into a complete life-long adventure that produces tangible,

integrated and lasting results with constant search for the most updated and cutting-edge tools, techniques and processes to co-create these journeys.

Letting our customers take the next step in the journey to discover the place in this great puzzle called Life and live authenticity with joy, love and peace.

Sound Journey Meditation

Sound is a powerful medium. It has the ability to heal, open your spiritual path, soothe, and change our patterns of thought. Different music and sound can make a great difference. This is the reason that sound and music can create such a powerful emotional reactions. We believe that music can open and lighten up the mind and nurture what must be healed.

Mindfulness with the Holistic Herd

The goal of the workshop is to initiate & add new tools and resources to your mindfulness practice. 
The holistic herd of horses provides us with unique biofeedback through our Equine Assisted Experiential Learning activities.  Mindful observation of Equine behavior and our own body language also provides powerful metaphors for personal growth.
During this introductory day journey of exploration we will use Eco therapy tools, as well as Equine Assisted Experiential Learning activities & Inner Child exploration to initiate & further development your mindfulness practice. We use conventional as well as unconventional coaching tools to develop & expand your knowledge & practice of Mindfulness.
The heart centered interactions with the horses gives us a very special advantage of getting real life, biofeedback from the horses. Our herd of horses are very special as they live  a very natural lifestyle, free roaming over 150ha. Thereby their feesback is authentic Horse Wisdom as their lifestyle reflects that of wild horses. Their daily movement and diet is very close to that of wild free horses, and this has a beautiful impact on their behavior and response to us.