Gear to Travel South Africa

List of Gear you should bring with you.

Although South Africa offers a large variety on shops, Malls and opportunity to buy any gear desired, we encourage you to bring along whatever you have already available at your home. Different tours need different gear, so we made a general gear list what we always think is useful regardless of what tour and package you join with us. Special gear needed on each tour will be displayed on the specific tour page at the bottom. If you have any questions please just drop us a mail and we will come back to you with further info.

South Africa has a climate which can change in hours. From hot and Sunny to Windy chilly and cloudy. Rain is also possible at times.

But don’t worry, remember you can buy anything here as well!

General Gear to match the climate and activity

Special Gear needed for specific tours will be listed on the specific tour page

Gear you will need                                                                                                Optional Gear