Environmental Awareness

How we contribute to our environment

Sustainable travel is all about making simple choices in order to lessen our negative impact on a given destination.

The concept of sustainable tourism rests on three main pillars, namely:

The ecological pillar: 

Conserving the natural environment of the destination you visit.

The economic pillar:   

Supporting local businesses where you travel.

The social pillar:  

Being conscious about your impact on local people and traditions

Through ethics, morals and environmental awareness we open our minds to become protectors of our earth.  We have the power to make a change through responsible tourism.

I am Nature

Individually, each one of our choices makes only a small difference in the big picture.  But collectively, becoming more conscious about these little things can have a huge cumulative impact.

Here you can have a look and see how you can travel more responsibly and sustainably.


  1.   Try to book a non-stop flight whenever you can. Take offs and landings create most of the airplanes carbon emissions.
  2. Travel in a group where ever possible to share transport.
  3.  Be a slow traveler. Try to stay for a couple of days in an area.


4. Stay in locally owned accommodation. Your money contributes to the local economy.

5. Look for green accommodation, recycling, solar power, energy efficient lighting etc.


6. Do research before booking tours.

7. Only participate in responsible wildlife tours.

8. Snorkel and scuba dive responsibly.

9. Volunteer with NGOs and join community tourism projects.


10. Pack light, your luggage adds up to the carbon emissions.

11. Pack eco-friendly essentials like, reusable water bottles, reusable bags and a lunch box. Don’t use single use plastics. Opt for shampoo bars.