South Africa
Travel powered by intention..

We operate tours with a sustainable philosophy and the person and being as a whole in mind.

For all the doers, makers, trailblazers, risk takers, rule breakers and go getters....YES YOU!

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We offer a package beyond touring and travelling, because you want to live it, taste it, try it and learn it. Everyone travels for a different reason, diversity and authenticity is key.

From holistic tours to cultivate inner stillness, to adventure sports tours with empowering moments for you to push beyond your comfort zones, we are confident that there is an enticing option for everyone. And at the end of the tour, you will leave with the feeling that you have gone beyond the limitations of your perceptions.

A few destinations on earth can rival South Africa. With unparalleled sceneries, rich history and epic adventures our multi day trips definitely offers an extraordinary experience. Our travel style goes beyond travelling, It is inspired by the motivation for transformation through physical activities, meaningful connections and cultural exchanges.





Get a glimpse of what YOU can expect..

Active IntenTions - I am Adventure

Ocean Kayaking Cape Town

Discover your limits and broaden your personal horizon. Find out what you are capable of doing and take this experience back home to transform you private life.

Experience beautiful South Africa with a selected range of activities and site seeing.

The Future is Female!

Tap into your basic physiology and find the healing purpose off letting go while honoring your body’s innate wisdom and ability to self heal.

Fitness Travel South Africa

Seek something different and make Health, Fitness and Food your Intention to Travel.

Welcome to our tribe!

South Africa Cliff

Hiking entangled in Culture, Wildlife paired with the diverse Landscape of South Africa.

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Personal Development

Expanding human consciousness to embrace a better way for all beings.

Community Contributions

We give back to the community for each person joining our tours.

Environmental Awareness

Have a look at Green Travel, why it matters, and follow a few easy tips designed to help you travel more responsibly and sustainably.